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About Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body exercise programme which focuses on developing a strong core, increasing mobility and range of motion along with improving posture and coordination.

The main principle behind Pilates is that of 'stabilising before mobilising.' This refers to strengthening the stabilising muscles, for example the deep abdominal muscles, which support the organs of the abdominal cavity as well as the lower spine, whilst increasing mobility and strength in the limbs (arms and legs).

Muscles are worked both in their contracted and lengthened state, reducing the 'bulking' effect which is so often the result of traditional exercise.

The Origins of Pilates

Born in 1880 in Germany, Joseph Pilates suffered from acute asthma and related postural problems. Despite this he was a keen sportsman and from an early age devised and designed exercise programmes to help him overcome his physical difficulties.

In the 1920s he moved to New York where he joined forces with the New York ballet and designed programmes for ballet dancers based on correct spinal alignment and strengthening the related supporting muscles.

Since Joseph's day, much has been learnt about the body and how it moves and modern Pilates exercise has incorporated this into the repertoire of over 550 exercises.

The equipment has also been modified over the years and is now designed with experts from the physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation worlds.

Please note: The photos above were taken at the previous studio in Redland